>Happy Mother’s Day to Me! After church we went to Chotkowski”s Gardens – a giant peony farm on the West side of Fayetteville. We discovered it last year on Mother’s Day – so now it is a Mother’s Day tradition.

This year was NOTHING like last year. The freeze earlier this spring devastated the plants as far as blooms go. On the bright side – they said our peonies will be stronger than ever next year because they are using this year to regenerate.

We bought a white “Miss America” variety and will plant that tomorrow. The rest just came home in digital format…..

I really liked the “Raspberry Sundae” variety. Pale pink outer leaves with a yellow center. We learned that the yellow variety and the peony “tree” are the most rare. Prices ranged from $15 to $200!

The vivid blooms are gorgeous too! I wish I could have them all!

This is the color of mine in the front yard. Some people in the South pronouce it Pee-Ony (Like Pee Tony without the T) – we all know it’s Pee – A – Knee!