So on Saturday I woke up to a note from Mark that read:”Do not be alarmed. There is baby possum in the garage. Keep your distance all. Keep garage door open and house door shut. I’ll get rid of it when I get back.” Long story short – only Mark had the privilege of spotting the possum – although the rest of us kept screaming all weekend long “Eek! There’s the possum!” to scare each other. Over the next two days all of our worldly goods that aren’t useful enough to be in the house were emptied out of the garage and into the driveway and then reassembled in the garage, all to no avail. Mark never did catch the possum. So tonight Mark is gone to OKC and about an hour or so after the last sweaty kid came indoors to shower… I looked up and noticed that the house door is wide open and the the garage door is up. Then mom calls at 10:30 to make sure that I’ve heard the news that a baby bear is on the loose in our neighborhood. (News reports describe it as an 80-100 pound adolescent bear http://www.kfsm.com/Global/story.asp?S=6589420 )
I certainly hope I don’t have any unwelcome visitors in bed tonight.