>This really wasn’t a weekend for me so I was unable to do the Saturday morning coffee and blogfest. Here’s an update:

On Saturday I accepted the Amethyst Award for SPSFWC at the Speaking of Women’s Health Conference. (registration started at 7:15….. in Rogers!!!! Which explains the no coffee and blogfest) I couldn’t very well take the trophy and run…. so I took advantage of the workshops and got health smart! I’ve used the giant rubber bands they gave me in the tote bag the past two nights and this morning I’m sore! Must be workin’!

Sunday I took photos at church for our 40th Anniversary Directory (9:30 a.m.), grocery shopped, cooked lunch, read the paper and fed kids ((11-1 p.m.) then loaded up all the supplies (from 2-5 p.m.) and set up for a cookout (from 5-7 p.m.) for 200 … followed by swimming at the Springdale Aquatic Center (from 7-9 p.m.)

Oh yeah…. and in the midst of all that – Mark and I found THE PERFECT HOUSE!!!! More on that later…… I hafta go to work – haven’t done enough of that lately!