We got up early on Saturday and made the 2 hour drive to Branson for a day at Silver Dollar City. We have season passes that we purchased this spring, but this was only our second trip this year. We’ll have to get up one more time in November for the Old Time Christmas Festival.

This time of year it is the American Music and Crafts Festival. There are always great shops with the handiwork of talented craftsmen . . . but during this time of year there are even MORE!

The food is incredible too! Inside the new Grand Exposition they had a “Taste of America.” The girls had beans and cornbread, Ethan enjoyed a good old fashioned American cheeseburger, while Mark and I had two of the BIGGEST walleye fillets I have ever seen!

A couple of the new rides at the Grand Exposistion include:

The Electron Spin (only Gracie and Mark were brave enough to try this one….)

And the Wave Carousel. I went on this one despite my fear of heights!

Gracie and Gen on the Hi-Lo Silo

Genna watches as Gracie and Ethan milk the “cow.”

My Little Darlin’s

Trust me when I tell you that Gracie and Mark were in the front . . .

Splash Harbor is always a favorite spot to cool off. . .

and for Mom to take a load off!