I don’t want to take anything away from the 97 Fayetteville High School Band members and their families who are paid $5/hour to pick up trash each morning at Bikes, Blues and BBQ. They do an exceptional job, ESPECIALLY on Sunday morning when the streets are the nastiest and getting Dickson Street back in shape before the church crowd descends is critical.

HOWEVER, The NWA Times/DemGazette fails to mention time and time again that volunteers and staff from the local chapter of the American Red Cross are also doing trash detail. In fact, my friends and former co-workers from the Red Cross handle ALL OF THE TRASH during the four day festival AND on Sunday morning (not just the mornings after.) This year’s rally is the fourth year that the Red Cross has committed to the less-than-glorious trash detail. I will say that the Board of BBBBQ has been very generous in their donations to the Red Cross. (They certainly appreciate the efforts!)

Red Cross volunteers are humble folks, they don’t want or need a lot of attention for their volunteer service. Let’s just give credit where credit is due!