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Another year is quickly ending
So with this Christmas note we’re sending
A peek into the Dilday 5
And our BUSY, BUSY, BUSY lives!

The latest news is a family addition
A pup in keeping withour “Shepherd Tradition”

Frauline Daisy Katarina’s the name
Filling the shoes of Sam is her aim.

Genna is 6 and loves 1st grade
Sophie and Grier are her favorite playmates
She loves animals – yes! – it is true
So she is right at home in this DILDAY ZOO!

This year Ethan has become quite a witty boy.
His sense of humor and his smiles bring us endless joy.
Along with video games and all things Sci-Fi
Basketball is a sport that he is giving a try.

Gracie’s status has changed. Oh yeah! She’s COOL!
She’s now a Mustang at McNair Middle School.
Quite the social creature with no shortage of friends
Seems the email and phone calls will never end!

This year Mark had two big anniversaries
Fifteen years married – to me and to his company!
Thank goodness at work Mark is rock steady
‘Cuz I’m on my 4th career already!

Social work, sales, and then Red Cross
At last I landed a job where I am the boss!
Chasing disasters made me a wreck
Life’s much calmer as a non-profit exec!

Mark and I are becoming masters at tag-team parenting
And though exhausing, we know theres nothing more rewarding
So we try to savor each moment and make it last
Because we know these days will fly by too fast!

And all too soon the Christmas season will end
So we wish this wish for our family and friends
“Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!”