After the looooooongest 3 day work week of my life (working on THE MOST IMPORTANT grant proposal of my career) I came home to a 60 degree house!

Mark assured me it was probably just a problem with the 45 year old thermostat – which would be a cheap fix, and not a problem with the 10 year old furnace.

Seems logical. . .

Yet still I think the worst because we booked our NON REFUNDABLE AIRLINE TICKETS FOR OUR TRIP TO FLORIDA THIS WEEK!

Can you say STRESS!?!?!!

So we stoked the fireplace, sent Genna to a friends for a WARM and COZY sleepover, got out the sleeping bags, and camped out in the living room.

Mark made a run to Lowe’s this morning, installed a new thermostat and “Oila!” I’m sitting here in a comfy 70 degree kitchen wasting away my morning!

How was your week?