>Today is the last day of the kiddos’ Spring Break – so since I had 40 hours in when I got home from work at 9:00 LAST NIGHT I decided to take the day off. I slept in ’til 9:00. Those sleepyheads are STILL in bed! I’m not sure how we’ll spend the day but I’ll bet you $5 we’ll be outside!

We’re in for a big weekend here in the D Household. Of course, our HOGS play tonight. I sure hope our team that played last Saturday shows up and our team that played last Sunday stays in the locker room! Hopefully we’ll knock out Indiana so we can advance and then lose in the sweet sixteen. (Sorry, loyal Hog fans, but you know it will happen)

Gracie has to be at church at 8:30 Saturday morning to perform in a PROTO puppet show for the little kids at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Ethan will have his first communion on Easter Sunday. We did four weeks of early communion preparation classes. He’s really excited about it!

Then Gracie and I will both perform with PROTO at all three services on Easter. This is everyone in PROTO’s absolute FAVORITE performance! I hope that the congregation is as moved by it as I was the first time I saw it. We’ve added to it /embellished it this time to keep it “fresh.” It is a dowel rod routine to “Arise My Love,” the incredible song by Newsong.
It is THE PERFECT Easter song. Of course, I’ll upload the video on Sunday night or Monday!