We had a quasi-date night tonight. A normal date night consists of dinner or a movie followed by a Starbucks coffee while browsing at Barnes and Noble.

The quasi-date consisted of a movie with Ethan (Gracie sat up in the front row with her friends and Genna was spending the night – where else??? – at Sophie’s!) and coffee at home while browsing the internet! HA! (I splurged and bought Dunkin Donuts coffee today and we’re home brewing it now!)

Vantage Point was EXCELLENT. (I know, I know . . . its been out for months but what can I say? We usually see KID MOVIES! This was quite a treat!) First, it starred my favorite actor of all time, Dennis Quaid. And B, it was unique in the way the story unfolded. Action, Action, Action all the way through. We loved it!