>I heard Sir Bob Geldof speak at the AFP Conference in San Diego this week. I’ve always been drawn to him . . . he was this punk rocker in the 70s and 80s who shaved his eyebrows off to portray Pink in Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Then, when his career was faltering, and he was sitting at home watching the BBC news, he was moved to action by images of starving people in a news story about the famine in Ethiopia.

Even though HIS musical career was pretty much over, he had all of these contacts in the music world. He called his friends (Phil Collins, Sting, Bono, Paul McCartney, Paul Young, Boy George and others) and organized Band Aid. They wrote and produced “Do They Know its Christmas.” I still get chills or when Bono sings “Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you!”. Even it went immediately to #1, sold millions, inspired USA for Africa and “We Are the World,” and raised a ton of money, it wasn’t enough.

He then organized Live Aid. Remember that? It was Woodstock for my generation. Concerts in London and Philadelphia simulcast around the world. It raised $200 Million. It still wasn’t enough for Bob Geldoff. He hasn’t quit.

He organized Live 8 in 2006 and had 10 concerts with 150 bands – not to raise money, but to raise AWARENESS for the G8 and to mobilize citizens of the world to insist on debt elimination for Africa. 30 million people gave their names.

He spoke with incredible conviction. He spoke with 24 years of experience. This guy knows his stuff. I MUST READ THIS BOOK! A collection of his own essays and photographs.