April 8 – Travel Day

We had hoped to arrive in Florida around 5:30 (that is when we were scheduled to land) so we could spend some time at the pool, but we didn’t get in until DARK THIRTY! You can tell by these photos, taken on the Disney Magical Express Motorcoach, that getting in late didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits! Can you say EXCITED????

This is about the time that I said “No more bunny ears!”

Surprisingly, they obliged.
Apparently I didn’t tell them “No more goofy faces!”

Day One – Magic Kingdom

We spent our first day at the Magic Kingdom and made quite a spectacle of ourselves – a group of thirteen in bright red shirts that read “Hog Wild for Disney.”

The first “character” we encountered was Stitch. I doubt we would have been this excited to see him if we had run into him AFTER riding “Stitch’s Great Escape.” It frightend Genna and Sadie to the point of tears AND it included the famous Disney SMELL effects. Or, in Ethan’s words, “Stitch air barfed on us.” YUCK!

We got front row seats to the “Disney’s Dreams Come True” street parade. Very cute and lots of characters. A highlight of the day was when we saw Mickey’s Phillharmagic. (although it should have been Donald’s Phillharmagic because it starred the DUCK – not the MOUSE!)
It was an INCREDIBLE 3-D movie complete with the smell of fresh apple pie and squirting water in our faces. The kids were reaching out to touch the images. It really did look like things were floating right in front of us.
Late in the afternoon we hopped a ferry and rode the monorail over to Epcot.
Ethan Fowler on the Admiral Joe Fowler

We ate dinner in “The Land” and waited a VERY LOOOOOONG time in line for Soarin’.The kids were tired and whiny in line, but we stuck it out and waited for our turn. The ride simulates hang gliding over California through a 30 foot Imax movie and suspended seats. You feel the wind in your face and smell pine trees and orange orchards according to the scene on screen. At the end of the movie, fireworks are exploding over Disney Land and you are right up there with Tinkerbell. As we came back to the ground we could hear Sadie exclaim “That was freaky awesome!” No one was tired or whiny after that and the kids literally skipped out to the bus. It is no wonder Disney World is nicknamed “The Happiest Place on Earth.”