We had beautiful sunny day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We all wore our LIME GREEN “Hog Wild for Disney” shirts . . . so once again we created a sensation!

Hollywood Studios was a really big deal for Ethan, since one of the attractions was based on his all time favorite movie series STAR WARS (one of my all time faves too!).

We headed to the “Jedi Training Academy” and both Ethan and Little Derek were chosen from the crowd to participate. They learned a series of light saber movements and then had to face DARTH VADER himself! Here are the boys jumping up and down and cheering as the STAR WARS theme plays and the Jedi instructor takes the stage.
We’ve never seen him so serious!

Hollywood Studios is also home to the 3-D Muppet Movie.

Here’s me and Genna posing with the “Go Toads” megaphone.

Since Genna got her autograph book in the gift basket last night, we now have to stand in line for character autographs. Here are the girls with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

In the middle of the day they stage a “Wildcats Pep Rally” from Disney’s High School Musical. All three of my kids love these movies and the music – so they really enjoyed this show. I got a kick out of the 3 year old little girl standing next to us. She knew all the words AND all the dance moves!

Halsey got pulled up “onstage” to provide a little rhythm.

Everything about Hollywood Studios was better than I remember it 13 years ago . . . especially the bigger, better and more thrilling rides. Ethan LOVED the Rock ‘N Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith (I loved it too!). But I got the biggest kick out of going on the Tower of Terror. I’m afraid of heights, so it is pretty weird that I went on it in the first place. It takes you up “13 stories” and then drops you. But, they do it the Disney way! I laughed so hard! I also found this great video on You Tube that really gives you a good idea of what it is like. 🙂
At Hollywood Studios we saw a neat attraction on Disney animation.

Wall-E is the next Disney/Pixar movie that Ethan is dying to see.

We also caught a glimpse of Mickey after this attraction, but the line for an autograph was waaaaaaay tooooooooo loooooooong. Hopefully we’ll get it another day!

I knew from reading “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World With Kids” that FANTASMIC at Hollywood Studios is the best of the WDW Fireworks/Multi Media shows. We arrived an hour early to get great seats. Mark and I remember having seen this show when we went 13 year ago but “it’s been enhanced!” (an inside joke) It was so worth arriving early and staying late! It was very intense, and Genna was scared to TEARS during a few parts but it has a happy ending — of course! Lucky for us, someone took the time to video the WHOLE thing and post it to Youtube. If you’ve got 26 minutes . . . ENJOY!

“Fantasmic!”–an all-new festival of lasers, lights, dancing fountains, and dazzling special effects — lights the skies of Disney-MGM Studios. The show takes Guests inside the dreams of Mickey Mouse — into a world where magic creates dancing waters, shooting comets, animated fountains, swirling stars, balls of fire, and other amazing wonders. When Disney villains intrude on Mickey’s fantasy and turn his dreams into nightmares, he uses the power of good to triumph over the evildoers. The enchanting performance is synchronized to the melodies of favorite Disney classics such as “Pocahontas,” “Fantasia,” and “The Lion King.”


• The moat surrounding the show contains approximately 1.9 million gallons of water.

• Steamboat Willie is 80 feet long with a 16-foot beam and weighs approximately 70,000 pounds.

• Each performance of Fantasmic! uses three mist screens that atomize 800 gallons of water per minute.

• There are 350 lights some of which are being used for very first time in a live Walt Disney World Resort® Entertainment show.

• The fire-breathing dragon rises 50 feet into the air and has a wingspan of 50 feet.

• The mountain stands approximately 57.5 feet above the water.

• The cast of live performers includes 46 cast members filling 78 costumes.