Day Two We spent our second day at Epcot and I’m so glad that the kids loved it as much as I do!

In Innoventions Genna, Sadie, Grace and Halsey were immediately recruited to participate in a game show called “What’s Your Problem?” The game was all about the amazing invention we know as Velcro. The girls were racing the clock to see who could build the tallest block building using blocks of Velcro.

(the little girls won)
Later, Ethan and Aunt Hannah got in on the game show action. Hannah had to wear a giant yellow cape and Ethan had to pack as many “carry on” bags as possible. He was determined to pack the giant soccer ball and, sadly, came in second place. The funniest part of the game show was the middle aged men putting velcro diapers on the Cabbage Patch babies as they came by on a conveyor belt. What did we ever do before Velcro?
Day two was also the day that we discovered the $8.50 margaritas in Mexico! They turned out to be a “bright shiny object” that distracted us adults every time we went to Epcot! YUM! After a couple of Mexican beers and a margarita, Derek was raring to go! We headed over to Italy to catch a street play (one of our favorite things to see and do in Epcot.) We scored “front row seats” to this too! Derek was chosen to participate in the performance. It was titled “Romeo and Edna.” His role? A MIME! That’s one way to shut up a heckler! Also on day two, the girls started doing various patty-cake style games and elaborate “handshakes” as a way to pass the time in line. They entertained themselves, as well as everyone around us! This little game lasted the rest of the vacation!
When we got back to the room there was an ENORMOUS gift basket of munchies, cokes, cookies, bottled water and souveniers. All of it was from Mark’s office with a card that read “Have a magical Disney vacation. Thank you for all you do for Nabholz.” What a great company!