Have I mentioned that we stayed on Disney Property at the Pop Century Resort? It was very affordable, had great pools and splash fountains, a really nice gift shop and several dining choices in the food court. Grandma J said the breakfast was great – but we had oatmeal in the room most days! It was kinda like Vegas for kids – bright, colorful, loud, and everything you needed under one roof. Although the craziness of the food court was almost more than I could take at the end of 14 hours in the parks!
On day four Genna and Ethan got SOAKED in the splash fountains at the hotel before we could even get on the bus! We had to change clothes before heading out for another day at the Magic Kingdom.
Day Four – Magic Kingdom (again!)
Did you know there were characters named Horace the horse and Clarabell the cow?
Me neither! But now we have their autographs to prove they exist!

Rafiki and Timon with some other “wild animals” I know.
Princess Jasmine, Princess Halsey, Princess Gracie (in the tiara!), Princess Genna and Princess Sadie with the handsome Aladdin. (Check out his mullet!)Ariel’s Grotto was a great cooling off place. Ethan spent well over an hour cavorting and cooling off while we waited WELL OVER AN HOUR to see Ariel.

She was worth the wait! She said “Oooooh, Sadie! Are you losing your teeth? Sharks lose their teeth all the time too!”. Ariel signs her name with bubbles. They don’t miss a single detail at Disney!

Day Five – EPCOT (again!)
It was the EPCOT flower and garden festival while we were there . . .

complete with sand sculptures . . . and beautifully manicured lawns, flowers and topiarys.
Ellen’s Universe of Energy is one of the attractions that was recently “enhanced.”
The mirrored building make a great backdrop for a photo op.
Inside “The Body” pavillion, they had a garden center where we ran into Chicken Little.

We tried very hard to get Gracie in the photo. We were pushing, pulling and dragging her . . but she wouldn’t budge. She’s just “too cool” to have her picture made with a chicken I guess. During our struggles, Chicken Little started to crack up. So much so that I think he made a “peep.” It is a serious no-no for Disney Characters to utter a sound.


Then it was off to Germany for some frankfurters, bratwursts and beer.
I have a photo of Mark and Derek in this very same spot taken 13 years ago.

We had to recreate the moment . . .

. . . then gradually add in the rest of the crew!

Day Six – Animal Kingdom

Someone gave me some great advice that made a lot of sense. “Go to Animal Kingdom on the coolest day, the animals will be more active.” So, with a forecast high in the low 70’s . . we headed to Animal Kingdom.

Apparently someone gave that same advice to 999,999 other people because the CROWDS at Animal Kingdom were the worst we experienced all week! But we managed to see the BEST attractions, meet Mickey up close and personal! and experience the Festival of the Lion King – which was the inspiration for the Lion King on Broadway. It was INCREDIBLE!

Also incredible was the Tree of Life. It is covered in intricate carved (?) images of animals.

Here is Gracie with a chimp on the Tree of Life.

Ethan at Expedition Everest. The line was too long to go on the ride today, but Mark and Derek got up early and took Ethan, Gracie and Halsey back the next day!

With TERK from Tarzan

Here he is! The real deal!
With Pocohontas