>My mom started golfing in her mid-thirties. She really didn’t want to. She had a golf date planned with her mom and she dreaded it, complained about it and belly-ached about it leading up to it. And then she went. That summer she golfed — like — twenty more times?!?!? And now she lives near a country club, golfs every chance she gets, and is really, really good (I think!)

I must be like her. Here I am in my mid-thirties. For years I thought golf was stupid. I resisted it for a long, long, time. And with good reason — it’s expensive! But then my dad asked me to golf with him and my little bro at the Father/Child tourney on Father’s Day three years ago. I loved it! Probably because my brother is a HAM and could make Chinese water torture entertaining. But also because it is a VERY RARE thing to spend time with my dad and my brother– alone! Without our spouses, our kids, etc. Just quality time, the three of us.

But the biggest surprise has been golfing with my mom. I thought mom would give me golf pointers and that it would get on my last nerve! But I was wrong. I love golfing with my mom BECAUSE OF THE WAY she gives me pointers. She’ll say “They say . . .if you do this, that or the other . . .” and somehow that makes the advice so easy to accept. And . . . how totally rare is it to spend time alone with Mom???

I totally SUCK at golf . . . but I am determined to get better! Today I even invested in golf shoes/sandals (it just wasn’t cool to wear my New Balance tennies on the golf course anymore) and clubs.

I am so looking forward to spending quality time on the golf course with Dad, Mom, Grandma J (when she’s in town or I’m in SF), Mom & Dad together, Mark, Sarah, and my Rotary buddies.