So . . . . I didn’t get to go golfing yesterday because I got a phone call from the babysitter and there was an INTRUDER IN THE HOUSE!!!
Long story short – they came home from the pool, saw a car in the driveway, Genna thought it was Grandma’s, but Ethan and the sitter didn’t think so. They came in the house and found the woman (!) in her mid-twenties, going through Ethan’s drawers in his bedroom.
Ethan said “Um . . . . who are you???” The sitter told her to get out, the woman refused at first, they had words, then the sitter picked up the phone and called me. The woman left the house, the sitter locked all the doors, she thought she had the woman blocked in the driveway but the woman drove forward and through the grass to get back out on the street and get away.

While I was on the phone with the sitter, my staff called 911 and we gave a description of the woman, the car, the incident, etc. I raced home, my staff called Mark and Mom and they raced home, the police were here and questioning all of us, lifting fingerprints, etc. for about 2 1/2 hours. She stole our VCR/DVD combo player and some boxed sets of CDs, had the computer unhooked and was apparently making trips to the car when she got caught by the kids.

The police have a very strong lead due to a hit-and-run a few minutes after our 911 call- same vehicle description, same suspect description. The witnesses to that got her license plate number. They ran that and the woman has a record of previous thefts.

Just another day in the Dilday household!