Oprah recently added an episode titled “Oprah’s Favorite Summer Things” and gave audience members a jillion dollars worth of stuff like she does at Christmas. This prompted mass hysteria, fainting and gnashing of teeth.

Hold onto your teeth . . . I give you “Jody’s Favorite Things of Summer.”

1. The Michelada

Thanks to Erin and Michael, the next door neighbors, we discovered Oseguera’s and the Michelada. Now, no beer is complete in my house without a little salt and lime and Worcestershire sauce. (Google Michelada recipe for a million other variations on the theme)

2. The Music of Jack Johnson

LaDawn tried to turn me on to Jack Johnson when they visited from SD in February. But between 5 kids and the two of us, Jack was just background noise and I didn’t fully appreciate the unique phrasing and lyrics or the laid back, relaxing sound that is Jack Johnson. Two weeks ago we were flipping through our list of DVR recordings and saw Jack was on Austin City Limits. We stopped, we watched, we heard, we were converted. It’s been nothing but Jack ever since. You MUST own this music!

(He’s not too bad to look at either!)


I’m going to try again today. . . barring any unexpected intruders, I hope to get 9 holes in after work.


Oh . . . . I remember reading! It’s what I did as a child every waking minute of the day! With at least one kid gone from our house at all times (or so it seems) this mama actually has had time to SIT DOWN, kick up her feet, and turn a few pages. In the past two weeks I’ve read The Shack, Sundays at Tiffanys, Find Me, and now half-way through Twilight.


Let’s just say I have a callous on my left ring-finger from playing drums to Ethan’s guitar on Bon Jovi’s ballad Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Perhaps my next favorite thing???? We’re test driving the new Dodge Caliber . . . stay tuned.