>This weekend Gracie attended her first Cotillion.

Cotillion is one of those unique Southern experiences. (and is a BIG HAIRY DEAL in 7th grade in Fayetteville) A partial definition from Wikipedia states: In the United States, Cotillion has become training that children and young adults attend to learn manners and proper social behavior in the context of formal dance. The participants dress in formal attire and some cotillions emphasize the use of white gloves. Modern day Cotillion takes the form of classes and parties. These programs use dance as an interactive tool that breaks down inhibitions and teaches important social skills. Some of the dances currently taught include waltz, fox trot, tango, swing, cha cha and many other ballroom dances. The parties are typically “graduation” parties usually held after a series of classes. At the party, the students sit together in tables in the front while the family members sit in tables in the back. A master of ceremonies guides the evening and, if funds are sufficient, dinner and an orchestra may be included. Usually after each dance, a couple may be recognized with a modest prize for best executing that dance. For me – it was a chance to hang out with other moms and comiserate about how fast our kids are growing up and how enthralled we are with the FANSTASTIC human beings they are becoming!