Vanessa over at Happiness is a Butterflytagged me . . . and although I’ve done these via email at least a hundred times, I’ve never POSTED it right out there for complete strangers to read!

But here goes . . . 6 random things about me . . .
1. I totally looked like a boy from age 7 until about 15.
Seriously. Kids would come up to me at the park and say “Are you a boy or a girl?” To this day – the shorter I wear my hair the bigger my earrings get!
2. My uncles nicknamed me Jode the Toad when I came home from the hospital. It stuck. My uncles and my brother and a couple of cousins still call me Toad.
3. I maintain EIGHT BLOGS! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . . . oh yeah . . . and a website.

4. Starting in 7th grade (until I’m too embarrased to admit) I loved Scott Baio so much I wrote Jody Loves Chachi on EVERYTHING!
5. I love to play Roulette.

6. I’m blind as a bat. I can’t keep my house clean. I don’t do NO well and therefore am way over-committed. But if I could change just ONE THING about myself, I wish I could SING!

Now I tag – Annie, Hannah, Alannah, Jessica, Syd, and Erin.