>Yesterday was Confirmation Sunday at GSLC. Grace was one of 14 confirmands. Below is the our “Parents Statement” which we read before Gracie gave her statement of faith.

Nearly thirteen years ago, we stood with our friends and family at the back of the sanctuary on your Baptism Day, and promised God that we would provide you with a Christian upbringing.
(Not her Baptism photo)

We promised we would teach you the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles Creed, and we promised we would bring you to worship. Keeping that promise has been easy.

You have gotten so much joy out of living in fellowship with this family of believers. Starting with Sunday School when you were just a little girl, until this year of more intensive study in Confirmation. You’ve played silly games like “Sardines” at Youth Group lock Ins and chanted the “Ker-Plop” song at Logos, but you’ve also witnessed your faith through more dramatic performances in PROTO.

You’ve gone away for a short weekend of study and worship at the LYO Gathering, and you have traveled a loooooong way from home and spent an entire week in service on the mission trip to West Virginia. Each Sunday you sit in the 2nd row of the CW service with your friends — friends who share your faith and who will, no doubt last a lifetime.

On this, your confirmation day, our hope for you is that you will always be fully invested in the life of the church. And that you will know the joy that we have had in worshiping together as a family.

Gracie’s Faith Statement
My faith life as a young child was very small. I came to church all the time but didn’t think about it or understand it. I believe my faith life began growing stronger when my family started going to contemporary worship service at GSLC. I started listening to and understanding the sermons, and i could comprehend the lyrics to songs. Understanding and believing in Him was the Kick-Start to my faith. Jeremiah 29:11 states: “For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” God has a plan for me, a future and a hope. I understand this now. I plan to be faithful, to learn about him, everyday and everywhere, because it’s my life, it’s my choice, it’s my faith and he is my God.