>A few months ago I ran across an article in Family Fun magazine on turning Mason jars into patio lanterns. I vowed that I would create this darling craft with my kiddos one day this summer. That day happened to be on Friday, July 3rd. With just $12 in supplies from Hobby Lobby and a box of Mason jars that we found in the attic when we bought the house 8 years ago, we turned a half dozen plain canning jars into six cute patio lights.

We started with clean jars, a swatch of brightly colored fabric, coordinating plastic beads, 24 gauge wire, wire cutters, and a couple of glue sticks.

First we wrapped the wire three times around the lip of the jar. Then threaded three 12 inch wires through the wire around the lip of the jar and twisted them to secure. We beaded each wire in various patterns, about 6-9 beads on each strand. Then we gathered all three wires at the top and threaded one bead, twisted the wires to form one strand, and wrapped it around the glue stick to create a hanger. Then we simply cut 11 inch strips of fabric approx 1/2 inch wide and glued around the lantern. Drop in a tealight and – VOILA!

There are several other variations on Mason jar lanterns here, here and here. Have fun!