Gracie and I had the great PRIVILEGE of being invited to spend 2 days in Branson with our good friends Sydney and Stephanie to celebrate Sydney’s 13th birthday.

Sydney’s mom Stephanie and I met in Lamaze class and struck up a friendship that has endured, despite the fact that we only get together maybe once a year! (We’ve got to change that!)

Two other moms and daughters accompanied us, Sam (mom) and Lauren, and Angie (mom) and Abby. We have photos of these four girls together each summer since they were BABIES! (Gonna have to dig those out and scan ’em!) Needless to say… we had a blast!

We drove to Branson on Wednesday morning and spent 7 hours at WhiteWater. Then we checked in at the hotel, showered, and headed out to Shorty Smalls at the Branson Landing. After dinner, we all got airbrush tattoos (bless his heart for staying late and doing EIGHT tattoos at closing time!) Then it was on to Maggie Moos’s for ice cream. Back at the room we ROLLED on the beds laughing at Sam’s hilarious stories.

Lauren, Sydney, Gracie, Abby

Jody, Stephanie, Sam, Angie

The next morning, Syd, Abby, Lauren and the mom’s went to Titanic while Gracie and I took in the Hollywood Wax Museum (we had already been to Titanic). Afterward we grabbed lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack where Sydney and the girls danced to the Chicken Dance to celebrate Syd’s birthday.

We ended the day at the PhotoBooth where all four girls piled in for just ONE MORE photo op!