>Back in 1983 I used to watch Star Search with my mom and dad. It came on LATE, LATE, LATE . . . like midnight on Saturday nights. We were huge fans of Sawyer Brown who ended up winning in the vocal group category. I remember that the lead singer, Mark Miller, wore bright clothes, cool hats, and jumped around alot. Oh yeah, and he had a heck of a mullet.

Well, he’s bald now but the guy can still GET DOWN!

Sawyer Brown performed at the Cherokee Casino last night and my dear, sweet husband was a trooper and drove me (and mom) out there to see them play. The show started at 10 and didn’t end until 11:30. Of course, mom and Mark just sat at their slot machines . . . but I had a great vantage point and loved EVERY MINUTE of the show.

I just can’t decide which of Sawyer Brown’s incredible ballads are my favorite. What’s yours?