>The last two books I’ve read were also made into movies. Everyone knows that the book is always better. At least a novel turned movie is always better. I think that sometimes movies that are inspired by short stories make for better films. For instance the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, and maybe Children of the Corn. (How’s that for a stark contrast?)

So here’s my take on the two novels-turned-movies I’ve seen this summer.
I might add that I bought the books and read them BECAUSE the movie trailers looked so good!

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Piccoult made me BAWL. It was incredible. I’ve read several of her books and this is by far my favorite. I often read books but then can’t really recall the ending later. I will NEVER forget this book. I will never forget the ending. I will never forget how annoyed I was at the movie either. HA! The movie did a great job of telling the story . . . right up until the end when it did a complete 180. I was NOT pleased to say the least.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (the book) had me sucked in by page 6. It was fascinating. I still can’t believe that it was the author’s first novel. It is so original (or so I thought- Dad says he read a book very similar). I saw the movie yesterday and loved it too. You can never get every nuance and detail from a novel to translate on the screen. And they made some minor changes but stayed TRUE to the ending (Helloooo?!!?) I was sorry when I finished the book and I was sorry when the movie ended.

So . . . anyone read any good books lately?