>Gracie made the Woodland Volleyball team and last weekend they held a sand volleyball tournament as a fundraiser. The catch was, each kid had to play with a parent/relative/adult friend. (Guess which parent played with her?? HA! of course I didn’t)Luckily, she drew Clio’s name as her partner and since Clio’s dad was running the tourney, Clio’s uncle Mark was her partner. I couldn’t help but think that if they had named their team it would be Marky Mark and the Lutheran Chicks. Has a nice ring to it, doncha’ think?
Anyway . . . they lost. Every Game. It was a sign of things to come. . . .

On Tuesday and Wednesday I played in the Ladies Classic at the Fayetteville Country Club with my mom. There were 88 golfers. You guessed it, we grabbed the last place spot on the first day and defended it well on the second day. We shot a 91 and a 93 to ensure we were Dead Last! (sorry, no pictures)

On Sunday Mark and I and Grandma J and Ethan went out to Razorback for 9 holes. It was a fun morning. Ethan is really starting to hit the ball well.School starts in two days. Summer is over. WAH!