>I’ve been up by 5;15 every morning for the past two weeks now thanks to this little “Dollie”

Yep, she’s the latest addition, Dollie Madison Dilday. Anyway, thanks to her teeny, tiny bladder . . . I’ve been up and at ’em early in the morning which has given me the time to read a few blogs each morning. I start with a devotional or two, then move on the the Quad Blogs (Steeces Pieces & 4tunate), then I just peek at a few others from people I know personally to see if they have updated lately. They haven’t. And I must not throw stones because I haven’t done much updating lately myself.

But now that summer has ended and I won’t be golfing every Saturday, maybe I can get back into the habit of a Saturday morning coffee/blogfest.

I certainly have STUFF to blog about! Like the random encounter that Grace and I had at Rick’s Bakery on Wednesday (more on that later) the memories that were stirred up by an out-of-the blue phone call from and old friend (Dalinda), and of course the adventures in potty training (the dog). This could get interesting . . .