>I’ve been sitting at the computer with a jumbo cup of coffee this morning, while Mark has:

1) taken down the Christmas lights
(yes, I know it is almost March but we haven’t had the lights turned ON since January! We’re not THAT tacky!)

2) cleaned off the front porch

3) now he is washing the windows!

Not to mention he vacuumed on Thursday without me even asking. All this in addition to the fact that he has done the laundry for all 17.5 years of our marriage.

Be careful what you wish for! I always said I needed a wife . . .what I got was a house husband. I guess having an unemployed husband has some advantages.
HA! Of course I jest!

I’m trying to look on the bright side. I’m trying to be an encouragement and not a nag. I’m trying to trust in God’s plan for our future. I’m trying. . . I’m trying . . .

Today I have unclenched my back teeth and I’m concentrating on releasing the tension in my shoulders. Its been two and a half weeks since Mark was laid off. He’s been calling his contacts in the field, sending out resumes, and wrangling all the paperwork that comes with switching our health insurance (now $816/month out of our much shallower pockets – but that’s another post entirely).

He’s attended meetings of the Joseph Project twice, and I am SO grateful to Work Matters for providing that ministry.

To summarize, we’re hanging in there.