>I’d just like to give a great big SHOUT OUT to my
sister-in-law Hannah for giving me the best idea of the summer . . . .

Fridays OFF!

We were hanging out one Sunday afternoon at the pool, maybe the day before the last day of school and I was contemplating the MONDAY that was approaching too quickly and feeling envious of the fact that she was going to be off all summer with her kids. Then Hannah suggested that I just take Fridays off this summer. So simple. So brilliant. So doable!

So here it is, Friday. Kids are sleeping, coffee is brewing, and we have the whole day stretched in front of us with endless (well, not quite ENDless) possibilities.

So here’s what is on my agenda today.

  • shower and dress for a 9 a.m. photo shoot for the Democrat Gazette’s Personal Space column (they must be desperate for subjects!)
  • Watch my cousin Scott Langley in the U.S. Open
  • turn in Gracie’s volleyball gear order for the 9th grade Woodland team
  • shop and pack snacks for our GSLC Float trip on the Mulberry river tomorrow
  • visit our friend Clio in the hospital
  • maybe golf a few holes? The Father/Daughter tournament is this Sunday.
  • maybe pool and a good book instead

Wow! The possibilities really are endless . . .