>This week has been a blur – but in a good way!  I’ve been trying to remember just how we’ve spent this past week and having a hard time remembering it all.

Last Saturday Mark and I went to the Farmer’s Market and stocked up on honey from “My Paw Paw’s Honey” and Italian Seasoning from “Herb Sense” , heirloom squash, and . . . a leg of lamb and lamb chops!   Yep, our quick trip to the Farmer’s Market ended up costing us over $100.   And we wonder why we’re too broke to finish home improvements!

Speaking of broke.  We spend entirely too much on eating out so we’ve vowed to eat more breakfasts/brunch at home on the weekends.  So Sunday after church we had Mom and Dad over for egg bake.  I guess it’ll be their turn to host next!

Tuesday afterwork I went to Razorback and played in the Ladies Scramble.  This was my first time to play with those ladies all summer.  It’s always a good time but the highlight was chipping in for BIRDIE on #18 from about 30 yards out.  Woo Hoo!  (But we still lost!)

Wednesday night was “Girls Night” at the movies.  Girls Night consisted of Lou and I and our 13 year old girls.  We went to see Eclipse.   They did a MUCH better job with the special effects with the wolves, but other than that . . .I much preferred Twilight.  Twilight’s soundtrack was better.  The Baseball scene was better than the training scene.  The fight in the dance studio (action sequence) was better than the fight in the field.  The only thing better in Eclipse was Charlie.  He steals every scene he is in.  (I know my mom is reading this right now and thinking “That’s my girl, always the critic!   It’s what I do!)

Thursday was First Thursday in Fayetteville.  Mark and Ethan had karate and Gracie was hanging with friends so I convinced Genna to go with me.  She wasn’t sure about it at first, but she scored a free cupcake with a miniature pinwheel on top and then she loved it!  We also had a Coke from a glass bottle at Jammin’ Java.  She thought that was a really big deal too!.

I’ve taken Hannah’s advice and am taking FRIDAYS OFF this summer, so Ethan and I also got to spend some one-on-one time together this week.  We went golfing together and it was the BEST!   I loved getting to hang out with him alone.  He’s really a pretty good little golfer.  He doesn’t have the patience to play the par 5 holes, so he sits those out.  Otherwise, we were tied stroke for stroke until the last hole when I think he just got tired out.

All in all, a fantastic week.   And now a long holiday weekend.  Life is good.