>Okay, I’ll admit it.  Occasionally I roll my eyes at some of hubby’s ideas. 
Most recently, (this weekend if you really must know) I found his method for covering and securing our front entrance while he took the door off the hinges to be painted. 

In my mind, we would get up early on a Saturday morning, take the door off the hinges and hang plastic sheeting in the opening while the door was painted and dried in the garage.  But no, that would’ve been much to simple.

Instead, Mark builds a mini room around the front door.  He did this yesterday evening and the neighborhood runners/walkers and joggers’ heads nearly turned around 360 degrees while they wondered what on earth he was doing!    All this is odd enough.  But look closely. 

You see that?

  How about that?

Yes.  That is a doorbell.

This is where my eyes rolled.

“In case someone comes over,” he says.  Who on EARTH would walk up this nut-house with the lean-to on the front porch and ring a doorbell??!?

But I swear to goodness, some mom and kid selling who-knows-what actually did.

I can’t make this stuff up.