>Unlike many of the blogs I follow which make profound observations on the art of motherhood,  post scrumptious recipes including exquisite photographs, provide us with a sneak peek into the mysterious reality that is raising quadruplets, or simply capture daily life with gut-busting humor — my blog is not like their blog.  Sometimes I aspire to post recipes and photos and sometimes I strive for the profound observation.  But mostly I just keep track of what our family is up to.  I hope that someday my kids will stumble upon it, long after they’ve forgotten it even existed, and read through it like we did when we were given “Dear Girlie: Grandpa Harris’ Love Letters to Grandma Grace.”

Hals and Grace reading “Dear Girlie”

This is one of those posts.
*warning: it’s a LONG one!*

We just had a great weekend.   We didn’t head out of town on an adventure.  We didn’t host family or friends from another state.  We just had a pretty great weekend at home in the middle of January.

I knew on Friday it was going to be a great weekend for ME because it started with a date night.  Genna was playing with Grier, Gracie was spending the night with Sarah, and Ethan was at Little D’s birthday party.  So Mark and I seized the opportunity to go grab an early dinner at Oseguera’s (with no chorus of “NOT OSEGUERAS, I don’t LIKE Osegueras!” coming from Genna in the back seat)

It had been a typical busy week at our house with a lot of tag-team parenting, so it was nice to just talk about “stuff” over dinner.  We talked about Mark’s job.  He’ll wrap up this project in June/July and we’re both hopeful that there will be another project for him in NWA.  Many other superintendents in the company  travel during the week to Western Oklahoma and/or Kansas.  Mark has been 3 miles from the house since May.  We’ve been fortunate.

After dinner we picked up Genna and headed to the movie theater to meet up with Little D’s birthday party.  My brother was a SAINT and agreed to let Genna crash the party and go with them to see TRON so that Mark and I could continue date night at The Fighter.  The ironic thing was that Gracie was also at the theater seeing a different show.  This may be a sign of things to come . . . we were all together at the theater, but seeing three different films.  Anywhoo. . .

The Fighter should win some Oscars for sure! (Christian Bale and Melissa Leo already won Golden Globes last night for their performances) It was amazing.  Christian Bale simply transformed into his character.  It was one of the most believable performances I’ve ever witnessed.  You don’t have to be a boxing fan –trust me on this– to love this film.  It’s about a family trying to do better.  Go see it!

Saturday I took Ethan and his friend Tyler to church and they headed to Tulsa with LYO for the younger youth gathering.  Then the girls and I went shopping briefly (we’re going to finish that later today) but didn’t find anything Gracie wanted.  So we headed out to accomplish the BIG “to-do” on my weekend list.

For the past few months we’ve been debating whether to keep our Chrysler Pacifica (we JUST paid it off) or trade it in for something smaller and more fuel efficient, considering that Gracie is old enough to get her learner’s permit.  **please note that while Gracie is OLD enough to get that permit, she does not yet HAVE that permit**   So I’ve been researching smaller cars and had decided that the Honda CR-V was what I wanted.

So, this is my new car.

The girls and I headed to Fayetteville Auto Park and went first through the Used Car lot.  Of course, there were no used  CR-Vs to be found.  However, I climbed in the other models like the Civic and the Accord, and I sat in the Toyota Camry and Prius before walking over to the NEW car lot.   There, we met Jamey who showed us all of the packages on the CR-V.  I drove the SE package (the middle grade) and it felt great.  We went inside to talk about what they would give me on trade in, etc. etc.  Mark called from the gym and asked what we were doing.  I told him we were inside the dealership and he wanted to come and see what I was looking at.  Long story short (and a great illustration of the way things work in our relationship!) , Mark came and said “Let’s look at the EX-L.”  This guy is a car dealer’s dream!   How do you ever go back DOWN after you’ve sat in the high end package?  You don’t!    But the price difference wasn’t all that much, and after having EVERY bell and whistle available on my Pacifica for the past 6 years, I really am glad that Mr. Thinks-We-Are-Moneybags came along.

Sunday was the installation of our church’s new pastor, Clint Schnekloth.   We had our regular service in the morning (Derek, Little D and Sadie joined us), then returned at 3 p.m. for the installation.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when, sneaking in 5 minutes before the service was to begin, I locate Mom and Dad saving us a spot in the pew and I slide in to find that the Reverend Lowell and Kathy Grisham were sitting right behind us.  I love the spirit of ecumenism that is shared by Lowell and Pastor Clint.  (and no, I didn’t know what that word meant before PC+ arrived)

The installation service was beautiful.  Great special music by the choir, by Paige Kroening and Tess Delaplain, a New Orleans style verison of  “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” by Linda Dietzen, and an African Spiritual to close out the service.  But the most powerful part of the service was when the Pastor Jean DeVoll-Donaldsn walked PC+ to various areas of the church and at each place, a member of the Call Committee said the following:

  • at the place of baptism: You have been called to be among us to baptize, to teach, and to forgive sins.
  • the place of the word (pulpit): You have been called to be among us to proclaim the good news.
  • place of the meal (altar): You have been called to be among us to preside at the Lord’s Supper.
  • into the midst of the people: You have been called to be among us to equip us for mission and then send us out to serve as Christ’s witnesses.

I’ll admit, I had to wipe tears from my eyes a few times during this service.  I can only imagine how the Call Committee members must feel.  They have been so diligent throughout this LONG process.  We have started a new season in the life of GSLC and it will be exciting to be a part of the mission, outreach and service that lies ahead!  

Throughout the weekend, like most weekends, the kids were coming and going with their friends.  Gracie was with Sarah (our 3rd daughter!) on Friday and Ethan and Genna were with their cousin D, on Saturday Ethan took Tyler to the LYO gathering and Genna had Sophie (our 4th daughter!) over to spend the night.  After church on Sunday, my niece Sadie spend the afternoon with us and went to the installation.  Gracie’s boyfriend Tommy hung out with us on Sunday evening.  I love the revolving door we have of friends and family.

Sunday night was capped off, as perfect weekends should be, with two things:

  1. a televised Hollywood Awards show on Sunday night
  2. followed by a Monday off of work and school!  

So, it looks like we’ll be spending more weekends at home.  I HOPE!