There’s been a lot of “Huh?”, “What?”, “I can’t hear you.”  going on on in our house lately.  So much that it has become a popular joke at the dinner table.

Yesterday, Mark came home and said, “Well, its official.  I’m going deaf.  The good news is, I just can’t hear women and children.”  Oh, he’s a funny, funny man.

So we’re looking at a $6,000 investment in his ears on top of the $5,000 investment in Gracie’s mouth.  Aren’t we lucky?  The answer is YES WE ARE.  With insurance and a program through Workforce Development, it looks like our cost might be ONLY (ha ha!) $1,800. 

I posted something about Mark’s hearing loss on Facebook and a friend commented that it was “male pattern deafness,” similar to male pattern baldness, except that baldness only bothers men and the deafness bothers everyone BUT the men.  She wasn’t too far off.   The doctor told Mark that as men age, the tiny hairs in their ears also start to thin out, and cannot “catch” the higher pitched sound waves.