>Another day another dollar SNOW DAY!

This HUGE and HISTORIC winter storm that impacted the majority of the U.S. also came through NWA.  Luckily, it’s nothing like the 2009 Ice Storm (power outages for 3 or 4 days) or the massive snow storm of 2010.  This was a milder combination of each, which resulted in 3 days out of school (so far!).

We had plenty of advance warning, so I made the dreaded apocalyptic grocery run on Sunday evening.  I worked until 6 pm on Monday because I had a feeling we’d be out for a bit.  Sure enough.  By 8pm on Monday the University of Arkansas had canceled classes in ANTICIPATION of the storm!

The freezing rain started early Tuesday morning.  It gave everything a thin glaze of ice.  By 10a.m. it had turned to snow.  It snowed ALL DAY!.  We had 4-6 inches in Fayetteville, bu they got 14 inches in Western Benton County.

According to Genna, we got a snow day because she wore her pajamas inside out.  She insists that these three tricks are sure-fire ways to get a snow day:

This kid is going 2 for 3

1) Lick a spoon and put it under your pillow (ewww. . . YUCK!)
2) Put your pajamas on inside out (I know this doesn’t work because I accidentally wear my pjs inside out all the time)
3 Flush ice down the toilet.  (I’ve been told by more than one Arkansan that this actually does work)

Back to #NWAsnow11 or #snowpigsooie as it has been dubbed on Twitter. . .

Luckily, the power has stayed on so we have enjoyed all of our creature comforts.  TV, iPad, video games, movies on Netflix, and — of course — COOKING!

I baked cookies on Monday, and made homemade waffle cones and waffle sundae bowls.  We had BBQ ribs, broccoli cornbread for dinner with pineapple/cherry dump for dessert.
Tuesdays menu included Mark’s bacon and pancakes for breakfast, buttered noodles for lunch, and  kielbasa and fried potatoes for dinner.  Tonight its going to be BBQ drumsticks and corn on the cob.


All in favor?  Say “AYE!”