>How many of you can recall the message of the sermon last week?  (I know some of you don’t know what the message was THIS MORNING, but I’m not here to criticize you)  How about the week before?  And the week before that?  Don’t be ridiculous, right?  I mean, NO ONE can remember a sermon from a month ago.  I mean, most of us can’t remember what we had for dinner last night!

Well, let me tell ya, folks at GSLC can remember a month of sermons!   Our congregation recently called a new pastor.  Pastor Clint began his ministry with us on January 2nd.  Since that time, it has become common for members of the congregation to quote phrases from Pastor Clint’s past sermons.  It certainly helps that he can summarize the entire theme in 2-4 words.

  • Don’t be a jerk (Matthew 5: 21-37)
  • Be Perfect (Matthew 5:3-48)
  • Don’t worry (Matthew 6:24-34)

(It also helps when he begins the sermon whistling “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and ends the sermon by breaking out into Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”  . . .I’m just sayin’)

*And if any of you out there are thinking my blog post is not PERFECT because I’ve only listed 3 sermons, which we all know doesn’t add up to a month of sermons, you’re RIGHT!  The first sermon was given by the Reverend Suzanne Stoner who reminded us to be SALT and LIGHT for the world.  So there!  ; )