>Let me just say that I have hoped, dreamed, wished and PRAYED for someone to bring back a product from the 1960s that my mom told me about once upon a time.  And SOMEONE finally listened!

It’s HERE!  It’s HERE!  And better yet, it’s ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE!

If you suffer from the same malady as  I do, RUN — DON’T WALK to your closest drug store and get you some of this . . . .

Trust me when I tell you it is the CURE for the 5 o’clock greaseball syndrome!   Just spritz it in your hair (in my case, its just my bangs), take 5 minutes to touch up your make up, then brush out  and VOILA!  You’ll look like you’re fresh out of the shower and ready to attend the after hours committee meeting, board meeting, or charitable event!