>Today we really DID want to stay at the resort all day. But Gracie still needed a bathing suit that fit. So she and i headed out for a girls only shopping excursion. We stopped at two shops in Pigeon Forge that sold TONS of swimwear . . . All for girls who are size 4-6 and a small B cup. No matter how cute the suit was and no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t make it fit.

Let’s just say it wasn’t a fun shopping experience. At one point I even texted Mark, “Shoot me now.”

Next stop. . .Walmart. Poor Gracie. Her body is too grown up for the cute little teenager bathing suits. And the ladies swimwear looks like OLD LADY swimwear. Seriously! Are they rationing the cute, tropical print fabric?

She finally settled on a solid black halter top and bikini bottom and it looks great on her. As we left Walmart she said, “Thanks for enduring that with me.”

Back at the resort we got in a few hours of pool time and sunshine. It was gorgeous! About 81 degrees. There’s just something about swimming outdoors, in the mountains, in MARCH!

We made use of our kitchen in the condo and had grilled chicken with spinach salad and poppy seed dressing for dinner. Ihad planned on a spinach and STRAWBERRY salad, but Ethan helped himself to the strawberries while Gracie and I were shopping and he ate them ALL! TWO PINTS! In one sitting!

At first I was angry, and I told Ethan he was going to have a horrible a stomachache and possibly diarrhea tomorrow. While he is on the zip lines. That mental image got us giggling. Then came the jokes about who would be riding the zip lines BEHIND Ethan. I’m tellin’ ya, this little incident gave us material for the rest of the week!

After dinner we played Taboo. So much fun. Why don’t we play more games at home?