>A few things on my mind . . .

If the world really does come to an end on Saturday, of course I’d be thrilled to go and live with Jesus for all of eternity, but I’d also really be bummed to miss the Block Street Block Party on Sunday.

Whoever came up with the sampler 6-pack is a pure genius.  I picked up a Shiner “Family Reunion” last night and its like having a little beer “flight” at a micro-brewery, but in the comfort of your own home where you can simultaneously watch the final 3 contestants on American Idol and give a play-by-play critique to no one in particular.

19th Anniversary at “the wedding tree”

Mark and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week.  Ok, “celebrate” is a loose term.  It was a Monday.  We went to work.  That night we went to Genna’s softball game.  But her team did win 8-4 so I guess you could call that a celebration.  Anyway, I hope to really “celebrate” with a good old fashioned date night this weekend. HOWEVER, he did send me flowers from Flora.  Nineteen to be exact. 19 roses.  Get it?  19 for our 19th anniversary.  Yeah, it took me awhile to catch it too.  He’s clever that way! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and the card read “Happy Anniversary from your not secret admirer.”  Every once in awhile he really surprises me.  I’ve been hanging out with this guy for 21 years (yes! That IS more than half my life!) and I am just now beginning to understand why his mom always called him the “Dreamer.”  I didn’t realize until this past year just how incredibly insightful he is.  I’m tellin’ ya, the guy is DEEP.  He is fascinating.

And Oprah is ending this week.  That is all.