>In addition to making new friends last weekend, I also became a loyal customer. 

Murphy USA was one of several sponsors for the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference.   Not only did the give each participant a Murphy USA gift card in our fantastic swag bag, but yours truly won an ADDITIONAL gift card in a doorprize drawing. Yay for me!  But you know what? It wasn’t the free gas for me that “sold” me.  Hearing about the various ways that they are “doing good” while doing business is what really impressed me.

First, there is the El Dorado Promise.  I mean, that is JUST amazing!  Do yourself a favor and read all about it. Second, is their Team Murphy USA program which is really cool as well. But here’s the clincher (for me):  Free gas for a year for Mark Horvath, an advocate for the homeless and the guy behind InvisiblePeople.tv. And not just free gas at Muphy USA –because they’re only in 23 of 50 states currently, and Mark is traveling around the nation.– they are buying his gas WHEREVER he goes.  

Just imagine if EVERY corporation in America made a commitment to give back like this. It could be transformational. 

So what brands are you loyal to?  And why?