This was the kids’ first full week out of school.  I would have loved to take some time off of work to stay home with them so we could stay up late at night, sleep in the next morning and then laze around the pool all day.  But the universe had other plans!  Thursday was SPSF NWA’s Spark of Hope and Friday was Northside Rotary Club’s first Father Daughter Dance.

Finally, on Saturday, we had a day to officially kick off summer.

We took our “redneck fish ‘n ski” boat and met up with our cousins at Beaver Lake.  They just got a new/used deck boat, so between our two families we had quite the set up!   We used the deck boat as a floating dock and Mark ran our boat full boar pulling kids on the tube, then skis, then the tube again.  We snacked, we swam, we soaked up the sun. 
Gen and Sadie enjoying the boat!
Ahhh . . . .

Sunday – Father’s Day –  the kids slept in and Mark stayed home to finish #buildingthedeck (Twitter reference) while I flew solo to church. Pool time this afternoon followed by a Father’s Day night at the movies.  I definitely get my affinity for sci-fi movies from my dad, and we were in for a real treat tonight!  Super 8 is pretty much a mashup of E.T. and Alien.  It was written and directed by J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg was the executive producer.  How could you go wrong?  
Here’s to the FIRST week of summer!!!