>Just in case you thought the jury was still out on this one. . . it ain’t.  I’m old.

I’m closing in on the big 4-0 in less than thirty days, and just to rub salt in my wound the universe throws me this:

First, I woke up to the news this morning (courtesy of NWAMotherlode.com) that Top Gun was released 25 years ago this summer.  WHAAAT?!?   

My favorite things about Top Gun were:
1. I went to see it with my long-time crush, Sam Mriden (it was our one and only date)
2. The quote, “Hey Goose, you big STUD!  Take me to bed, or lose me forever!”  Who doesn’t love the pre-plastic Meg Ryan?
3. The Oscar winning song, “Take my Breath Away” WHICH I learned to play on the piano, thank you very much.

Oh, excuse me, I’m rambling.  Must be the old age setting in.  Wait. . . it gets better.  This weekend I’m road tripping to South Dakota to attend MY FLOWER GIRL’S wedding.

Somebody put me out to pasture. . .