School’s been out for a month, but just this morning I unearthed an essay that Genna wrote near the end of this, her 4th grade year.  I thought it was Gracie’s at first, because her handwriting improved THAT MUCH during the last 2 weeks of school. (Thank you Vyvanse!)

Anyway, I’ll keep the original in our “Keepsakes” file, but had to post it here (with the author’s original spelling and punctuation!) for you all to enjoy.

Three Wishes

Once upon a time in Fayetteville Arkansas lived a girl named Genna Dilday she collects stuffed animals, wants to have a pet tiger and prayes evry night to have her own room.  I am going to tell you the story of her Three Wishes.

On a blazeing hot day the ice cream man came, so she bought one fudge pop.  When he opened the cash register shirens went off.  The man said to me congratoulation you are the one hundredth costemer  After that he gave me a cool lamp but it was all Rusy.  I went home and pollised the lamp.  I rubed it with my hand and a jinie poped out of the lamp.  I was so suprised she told me that she would grant me three wishes.  I told her one of my wishes, it was to have my own room she did this funny dance.  A few minets later my dad was yelling Genna get out here and I did.  I was so happy when I saw the ginourmas room I screamed and dad said it will be my room instead of my sisters room.  The next day . . . I woke up and there was the jinie siting om my bed she said you must make your wish no, ok . . .I wish that I had all the stuffed animals in the world ok she said, she did another funny dance.  In a snap second thousands of stuffed animals were all over the floor.  I twas amazing.  I played all day and all night with them.  At elleven O’cloc I went to bed I woke up, the jieni was on my bed again she sad, another wish.  I thought and thought.  Finally I said to have my very own trained tiger.  The jieni said to me, and thats your final wish, yep I said.  Thank you so much for my three wishes.  I love them all.  The next few mintes I was playing with my brand new baby tiger.  I think I am going to name you Sam, and that’s the story of Three Wishes.