Have I mentioned its been really HOT lately? Well, it has. Too hot to even drink coffee in the morning. (now that’s HOT!)

The Pioneer Woman started a major online buzz a few weeks ago when she posted her Iced Coffee recipe. Several other bloggers have since posted their simplified version of PW’s recipe. It still involved too many steps for me. But I was curious.

So last week I stopped into the cute little coffee shop next to my office (Big Momma’s) and told the barista I wanted an iced coffee, and could she make it a little bit sweet. She asked me if I’d ever had an iced Americano. I hadn’t. To tell the truth, I had never even heard of an Americano. (I’m the type of gal that goes to Starbucks and gets a drip coffee. No fancy frou-frou drinks for me.)

The barista then took the time to tell me what an Americano is (espresso, then add water, flavoring if you’d like) and she told me that it was her favorite drink because 1) it didn’t get watered down like an iced coffee, 2) it was just the right amount of sweet, and 3) she sometimes would add a little vanilla. I took her recommendation and ordered one and loved it.

Then I tried one at Arsaga’s on Tuesday.

Then I had one at Mama Carmen’s on Friday.

So I Googled an Iced Americano Recipe, went out and bought myself a little Mr. Coffee Epresso machine (only $36 at Walmart!) and have been enjoying my homemade iced Americano’s all weekend!

I just have to make/drink 8 more and this little machine will have paid for itself!