How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I How We Spent My Our Summer Vacation

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

How Mark Spent the Summer

Dude built a deck.  It’s almost done.  It may never be 100% done.  I’m okay with that. Here’s a pictorial of the progress . . .

Framing the Deck
Framing going up
The first few boards, the first of 5,000+ screws!
Jody and Genna
We helped a little. Very little. But we felt important!
Building the Deck
These guys actually helped a lot.
Building the deck
The decking went on rather quickly. Its all the detail work that takes forever!
Deck Stairs
Details like THIS take days!
Cabinets built, ready for doors and concrete countertops.
These cabinets will store cushions, etc.
A view of the upper level.
A view of both levels.

Can you say “Deck Party?”