This week I found myself telling and retelling amusing stories about Genna to my friends, parents and co-workers.  Now I’ll subject you to them as well.  Here they are:

Tuesday morning (when she should have been getting teeth brushed, shoes and socks on, ready to go to school…) I heard Genna giggling in the kitchen.  She was on my iPad and looking at Instagram.  This is the image she found so funny.

Edward Cullen is not real

The ironic thing is, SHE still believes in Santa.

On Wednesday Genna had “the film” at school.  The 5th grade film where they divide the boys and the girls.  On Thursday morning she and I had a rare couple of hours alone so I asked her about it.

“How was the film?” I asked.

“It was WEIRD,” she replied.

“What was ‘weird’ about it?”

“It was a FILM about a FILM.  That was weird.”  (Okay, so that wasn’t the response I was looking for, but I’m glad to see that her inner film critic is beginning to emerge.)

“Did you learn anything new? Or was it pretty much stuff you already knew about?” I inquired.

She then proceeded to tell me that despite sharing a bedroom (and a bathroom!) with her 15 year old sister, she really didn’t pay much attention to all that stuff.  So learning about how the uterine lining builds up each month to make a “cushion for a baby” was new information for her.

At this point, I had to ask if THE FILM went beyond just the signs and stages of puberty and delved into the topic of conception.  It did not.  However, she already knew that part she told me.  (Thank you, Secret Life of the American Teenager)

“How does that happen?” I asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” came her reply from the back seat.

“Is it S-E-X?” I spelled out the question.

“Yes,” came her shy reply.

So I just had to push a little bit further.  “And what happens during sex?”

“Well, the sperm bites the egg, and then it gets fertilized and makes a baby.”sperm, egg, conception

She kinda has a point there.