homemade pizza, Bisquick pizz crust, EASY pizza crust
I doubled the recipe and made TWO pies!

No apologies. I’m a huge fan of BISQUICK.  I use it for my Chicken and Dumplings recipe.  I’ve used it to make Shepherd’s Pie.  And now, I have another reason to love it!

Last night I was craving homemade pizza.  What I was NOT craving was a 5:15p trip to the Neighborhood Market to purchase a crust mix.  So I had Genna Google “Bisquick Pizza Crust recipe” and VOILA!

Throw on a few tasty toppings – like chopped onion, mushrooms, green and black olives, and some fresh pressed garlic and we’ve got homemade pizza!  And it was vegetarian pizza at that – which meant that Ethan didn’t have to make himself a PB&J.

I doubled the recipe so I had enough to make two pizzas.  The large one (for Mom and Dad!) with all the yummy toppings.  The round one with just cheese for the kids.  Except the kids ate just as much of the veggie pizza!  So now I know the secret to getting more veggies in them – throw them on a pizza and cover it with CHEESE!