the power of GoogleA few weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman who apparently Googled “Calvary Lutheran Church Cookbook” and “pimiento” and stumbled upon my blog.

I have a post out there that references the cookbook and the myriad recipes for hamburger hot dish.  And I also have a post for my recipe for pimiento cheese spread.  You put those two things in a Google search and apparently you wind up right here.

This guy was looking for a recipe for a chicken and wild rice recipe that contained cream of mushroom soup and pimiento.  He knew it was in his mom’s cookbook from Calvary Lutheran Church in Grand Forks, ND.  (Ironically, my Dad’s birthplace) But his mom has passed away and he cannot locate her cookbook.  He asked me if I could look for the recipe.

I did.  And I emailed him the recipe and a photo of my Mamaw’s cookbook.

Calvary Lutheran Church Cookbook

He then emailed me back to tell me how grateful he was that I would  take the time to send him that recipe.  He said that his mom made that dish every year on Christmas Eve.

And my heart smiled.