Another Broadway Musical Added to My List of Faves!

This week mark and I attended In the Heights at the Walton Arts Center.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify ever since.

The best word I can use to describe the show is “VIBRANT.”  The show was high energy In the Heights, broadway musical, urban youthfrom start to finish and had a joyful and uplifting storyline. That’s my kind of show!

The understudy played the lead of Usnavy, and his rap style reminded us both of Eminem.  The actor that played Benny reminded us of Will Smith’s style.  There were MANY aspects of the show that reminded us of Rent, which is probably why we loved it so much!

Some things that reminded me of Rent included: the ethnicity of the cast, the theme of family (not by biology, but by choice), the conflict between the struggle for success and staying rooted and true to yourself, of course the set design. The reference to a candle in the duet “When the Sun Goes Down” between Benny and Nina. Lastly, the song “Alabanza” reminded me of the song “Will I Lose My Dignity.”

I hereby reserve the right to update this post as I continue to listen to the soundtrack and notice other similarities.