Nothing says summer like a picnic supper which includes corn on the cob.  Cooler Corn

I remember once when I was 7 years old, attending a cookout in a neighbor’s carport and the mom had to cut the corn off of the cob so that the grandpa (who apparently wore dentures?) could eat it.  I remember I felt SO SORRY for that man.  I mean, why even EAT the corn if you couldn’t eat it off the cob?

Fast forward about 33 years and I’ve gotten lazy.  I resort to purchasing frozen half ears of corn which are already shucked, dump in them in a pot of boiling water and – VOILA!  You’ve got bland, flavorless, and a color enhanced stand-in for corn.  Well, not anymore!

This weekend we were cooking out at Mom and Dad’s pool on Memorial Day.  I decided to try something I had read about on Pinterest.  (See! NOT a complete waste of time!)  Let me tell you, it really, really worked!

I purchased 12 WHOLE and FRESH ears of corn which were only 33 cents each then sent the kids to the backyard to shuck.  So apparently I’m still lazy, but now I’m RESOURCEFUL too!

I placed those 12 ears of corn on the bottom of our Igloo cooler and poured one pot of boiling water on top and closed the lid for 30 minutes.  (If I were going to a larger gathering and needed 2-3 dozen ears of corn, I’d pour 2-3 pots of boiling water on top, but it still would take just 30 minutes.)

The corn was perfectly done and still incredibly CRISP and JUICY.

Never one to quit while I’m ahead  – I had whipped up the perfect savory herbed butter to slather on the corn.  I mean, why event EAT the corn if you can’t slather it with butter, am I right?

I also found this dandy little gem on the internet.  (Incidentally, I predict cookbooks will be obsolete by 2020)

Basil Butter

2 sticks of butter, softened
15 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1 clove of garlic, pressed
juice of 1 lemon
salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all together, then refrigerate.   Serve at room temperature to allow for lazy easy slathering.