A week in the life of a working mom and compulsive “do gooder” = aka Jody’s impersonation of a whirling dervish

Disclaimer #1: this post inspired by my pastor’s excellent posts titled:
One of those great days in the life of a pastor

One of those great days in the life of a dad

Disclaimer #2: Until this morning, I thought a whirling dervish was either a) similar to a whirlwind/dust devil or b) a nickname of sorts for a Tasmanian Devil.  I really must work on my world knowledge and/or vocabulary skills.  Thank goodness for Wikipedia or this could have been a very embarrassing moment! 

After a whirlwind (I DO know the definition of that word!) trip to Sioux Falls, SD last week, I returned to tackle an incredibly busy work week and many items on my “to do” list to prepare for NEXT WEEK’s trip to New Orleans.

Monday – catching up on correspondence from while I was in SD, planning for meetings scheduled later in the week,  prioritizing tasks to complete tasks before leaving next week for New Orleans. 5 pm meeting with the Evangelism Committee at GSLC.

Tuesday – Scholarship interviews taking place in our office so I visit briefly with and thank each of the volunteers who participate, morning meeting with area churches and agencies working to address the issue of hunger in NWA, Northside Fayetteville Rotary meeting at noon, wrote and submitted a grant proposal and a grant report in the afternoon.

Wednesday –  Morning meeting with Washington County nonprofit leaders to discuss the changing landscape of grant funding in our area, traveled to  Madison County to meet with our Community Leadership Council members and prospects, Scholarship interviews taking place in our office mid day, grant report work in afternoon.

Thursday – Worked all day uninterrupted (yay me!) on a report to our largest funder.  Scholarship interviews taking place in our office in the afternoon.  Held Northside Rotary’s Visioning event from 5-9:45pm.

Friday – Followed up with Northside Rotary Visioning participants regarding next steps, brief check in with staff on how interviews went this week, then traveled to Carroll County to meet with Community Leadership Council members and prospects.  Brainstormed ideas to raise awareness and increase the number of applications from that community. MORE grant report work in the afternoon . . .I’m getting somewhere!

Friday evening – Spot cleaning the house for company coming this weekend (Huge SHOUT OUT to the Dilday Kids who actually did a decent job with the chore list mom assigned in the morning!) shopping for water, cereal and juice for church youth group traveling to New Orleans next week, 1 on 1 time with Genna shopping for a friends birthday present, FINALLY some alone time with the hubby catching up over dinner at East Side Grill.

Saturday – Quiet time + coffee + iPad on the deck in the morning.

Still to come:  Giving the kids 1 more hour to sleep in before I make them all get up and strip their bed linens to get ready for company, take Genna to the birthday party this afternoon, company scheduled to arrive between 4 and 5p, family dinner at Jose’s tonight to celebrate Gracie’s birthday on Sunday.

Where did my BABY go?!?!

Sunday – Gracie’s 16th birthday!  Church at 11, meeting with the adult chaperones for the ELCA National Youth gathering following church, hopefully some pool time. Begin packing for New Orleans.

Monday – send Genna off for the week to cousin Mica’s house.  Work.  Finish packing for New Orleans.

Tuesday – My birthday.  Work.  Double check packing for New Orleans. 10pm depart on a chartered bus for New Orleans!