Happy 11th birthday to my little-girl-who-might’ve-been an “Owen Henry.”  I’m so glad you’re our Genna Bev instead!

This week you told me that you’re “style was changing” and you’d be wearing “brighter colors and more prints!”  I’m cool with that!  But no matter what clothes you wear or how you cut your hair, you’ll always be our sweet Genna.  Our baby.  The ‘lil sis. In fact, one of my greatest joys is watching you and Gracie interact.  (Yes, I’m secretly jealous of your sister relationship, but I’m blessed to witness it and be the mom to such loving sisters!)

I love that you whole-heartedly embrace your position as the baby of the family, yet you don’t milk it for all its worth.  You’re so sweet.  I can’t even remember a time when you’ve ever really been in trouble!  (Maybe once for coloring on the walls?)  No matter whats going on around you, you always respond with kindness and a cheerful attitude.   You’re a friend to EVERYONE and have been a great example of how to be sweet and loving – even when your friends fight over whose turn it is to sit by you at lunch!

And even though you’re about to start MIDDLE SCHOOL this fall, you aren’t in a really big hurry to grow up.  Someday you’ll understand why Mom thinks this is so AWESOME!

YOU are awesome Genna!  I love you I am proud of the sweet, little, animal-loving, messy daughter – sister – friend you are!